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Art at the Pavilion

We're proud to support local Artists, whose art can be found for sale inside the Pavilion all year round. Below you'll find a list of upcoming art exhibits and an archive of previous displays.

Current Exhibit

Jemma Beedie Perspective

March 24th - May 5th

My name's Jemma Beedie and I am currently in my first year of university at Loughborough studying product design engineering. I've always had a passion for art and having done it throughout my schooling life I am now venturing into it as a hobby. My collection is on display between the 24th March and the 5th May. The collection shows a range of styles as I'm still an explorative artist trying to find my niche. I initially became inspired by Bedford, however I soon began to explore my illustration and other skills. Primarily I enjoy to paint, especially oil and acrylic. However, I've also ventured to using glass paint for my frame pieces.

A lot of my oil paintings are done on wood, this is because I find wood a much more inspiring medium than plain white canvas. I find the wood grain beautiful and individual for every piece. I try to buy wood based on the wood grain not the type of wood. I don’t think I could ever create a background superior to the swirls and lines of the natural grain. Wood is more absorbent of oil than canvas which means it is harder to blend colour as there is less fluidity in the paint. However, I still prefer to work on wood because of its individuality. When doing these paintings, I try to highlight the best aspects of the wood by leaving some bits less painted thus bringing out the uniqueness of each picture. I have also started to explore photography in my exhibition, I hope you all enjoy the experimentations of a young aspiring artist/engineer!

Any opinions, queries or commissions feel free to email me on:

Creative Days

Creative Days are Seasonal, Drop-In Workshops for children that take place at the Pavilion and Kiosk to mark special occasions and festivals.

2017 Art Exhibits

  • Bedfordshire Landscapes - 1st January - 6th February
  • Food Glorious Food - Circus of Illustration Collective - 7th February - 23rd March
  • Jemma Beedie Perspective - Jemma Beedie - 24th March - 5th May
  • Mary Cave - 5th May - 16th June
  • Diane Moore - 16th June - 28th June
  • Tabitha Mary - 28th June - 8th September
  • Charlotte Tenneson - 8th September to 20th October
  • Creative Days - 20th October to 30th November
  • Circus of Illustration Christmas Exhibition - 1st December to 5th January 2018


  • 4Colourways - 13th May - 25th June
  • Ronald McKay - 19th February - 1st April
  • Nancy Batty - 1st April - 14th May


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