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Pavilion at the Park Bedford

Bedford Park

locally produced, seasonal food. We cook simple and imaginative dishes and high quality British cuisine.

Milk and Biscuits (something for the kids!)

Just because the sun hasn’t got his hat on so much doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do at the Park. How about challenging your siblings or friends to a Shiniest Con
ker Contest? Or a Biggest Conker Contest? Conkers are found on Horse Chestnut Trees and start to fall in Autumn. There are lots of Horse Chestnut Trees in Russell Park – get gathering!

Bring some buckets and spades and make some sandcastles in the sand pit in the play area. The sand won’t be as dry as it is in Summer, which makes castle-building easier! (Or, if you’ve forgotten your bucket, get your mum or dad to buy a cup of coffee from the Kiosk and once they’ve finished, use the empty cup as a bucket!)

Collect some awesome-autumn-coloured leaves for a leaf-collage, or to paint and make leaf-prints.
Play a mini game of tennis to get your Wimbledon-practice in early… well, you know what they say. Practice makes perfect!

See if you can scoot, cycle or run a whole lap (or even more if you’re really full of beans) of the park! It will warm you up on chilly days and afterwards you can make a pit-stop for essential milk and biscuits.


Summer opening times

pavilion open 9-5pm
the window stays open until 6pm

last food orders 3:30pm

Autumn opening times
as of October 1st

pavilion open 9-4pm
the window stays open until 5pm

last food orders 3:15pm

Mondays: Café opens at 10am

we are open 7 days a week and dogs are welcome on our heated veranda during the winter months

We occasionally close early for private bookings. Please always call us to book a table & avoid being disappointed!

01234 351104

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