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Meet the Maker: Nikki the Gluten-Free Genius

At The Kiosk at the Park, we see the importance of good cake. Proper, home-made, tasty cake. So to keep us well stocked, we have a mini army of local bakers who supply us with top-notch, home-made cake. Nikki makes our gluten-free delights, and is a great example of somebody who discovered a gap in a market, and has turned it onto a successful business. We're very proud to have her as a supplier.

Nikki (left) with two happy tasters
Nikki was diagnosed as Coeliac a little over three years ago, and immediately had to go on to a gluten-free diet. Luckily, there are lots of gluten-free foods available in the shops. Less luckily though, some of them are not very nice. She found that the bread and cakes in particular were crumbly and dry, with an odd taste. This was frustrating for Nikki, who has always loved cakes: "But what is the point of coffee without nice cakes?" she asked herself. Well, quite. 
Domino Brownies
So Nikki set about experimenting with making gluten-free cakes, and discovered that she could make really, really good ones. Better than the cakes in the shops. She says the thing that she misses most about her pre-gluten-free days is doughnuts, and that try as she might, she hasn't yet come up with a decent doughnut recipe. But she has perfected lots of other kinds of cakes, including the gluten-free domino brownies, apple and raisin cakes, mini lemon drizzle cakes and white chocolate and raspberry muffins, all made at home and all available to taste at the Kiosk. Nikki's cakes are all gluten and nut-free, making them ideal for children with nut allergies. She also makes a gluten and diary-free chocolate cake which is to die for! Her favourite cakes to make, she says, are the lemon and poppy seed muffins - a firm favourite at the Kiosk. 
And it is Nikki who piles the beautiful cake stands full to the brim of delicious afternoon tea for our Local Hero celebrations once a month.

As Christmas is coming, Nikki has plans for making sure that gluten-free dieters don't miss out on the festive fare: she is going to be making mince pies, chocolate logs and mini gluten-free iced Christmas cakes. We can't wait, and if you know of a gluten-free doughnut recipe that really works, she'd love to hear from you!
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