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locally produced, seasonal food. We cook simple and imaginative dishes and high quality British cuisine.

Chapter 1: The very first adventure of Russell the Hedgehog.

A little nose poked out from under some leaves and sniffed the autumn air. Russell the hedgehog was awake and his tummy was noisily telling him it was breakfast time. He set off across the park to see if The Kiosk was open.
As he passed the playground Mrs Fox was pushing the all 3 fox boys on the swings. She was taking it in turn to keep 3 cubs swinging as they squealed with delight.
Morning Mrs Fox!” called Russell. “That looks like hard work!"
Morning Russell! Only a few more minutes until Storytime at The Kiosk,” said Mrs Fox, “And I will be able to relax while the fox boys listen and sing.” (The fox boys singing was quite something. Russell thought that probably you could hear it from outer space, even with a space suit on.)
A bit further on, he saw the magpie twins, Violet and Claude.
When do you think it will start?” they cackled, “Yes, when will it start?”
Are you waiting for Storytime?” asked Russell
No, tennis”, said Violet
Yes, tennis!”, said Claude
It’s still very early, I think,” said Russell.
It will start soon!” said Violet
We have the best spot,” said Claude
Who is playing ?” asked Russell
Swans,” said Claude.
Russell could see the swans, all dressed in white and limbering up for the match. The swans were very good at tennis, because their wings were so big they didn't need a raquet. The swans were very competitive though. Sometimes their tennis matches were called off because of too much pecking. They were squawking. Loudly. There was a lot of wing-flapping and the sound of large webbed feet smacking hard against the floor of the tennis court.  What on earth is going on wondered Russell, hurrying over to see what all the fuss was about.
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pavilion open 9-5pm
the window stays open until 6pm

last food orders 3:30pm

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as of October 1st

pavilion open 9-4pm
the window stays open until 5pm

last food orders 3:15pm

Mondays: Café opens at 10am

we are open 7 days a week and dogs are welcome on our heated veranda during the winter months

We occasionally close early for private bookings. Please always call us to book a table & avoid being disappointed!

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