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Doodles at The Kiosk - for charity!

It's NATIONAL DOODLE DAY tomorrow! What a wonderful national celebration - all in aid of the Epilepsy Action  charity. Doodling is fab, because even if you're not the finest artist in the universe, you can still do a very brilliant doodle. And, it helps pass the time in life's less-interesting scenarios too. (Afterall, who HASN'T drawn a masterpiece or three whilst on hold on the phone to a Very Dull Call Centre?) national_doodle_day_logo

So we've decided to celebrate the day of the doodle too. All day at The Kiosk at the Park, there will be paper, pens, and space on the doodle doors. (That's just the regular door of the Kiosk, by the way.) If you, your child, your dog or your arty friend want to pop by and draw a doodle, we'll stick it to out doodle doors. We'll even pick a winner! If you do draw a doodle, we'll ask that you leave a doodle donation in the pot, which we'll send off to Epilepsy Action.

If you can't make it to the Kiosk - you can still join in. There are forms available to download on the website here, which you can send off with a donation to be entered into the National Doodle Day competition! - You could even win your doodle made into a cuddly reality by Lucy Moose!


And National Doodle Day is made even more delightful by the involvement of the legendary Lord Dodo,

The famous Dodo-Pad

manufacturer of the very finest Dodo Pads, eminently suitable for doodling!

If you need some inspiration, just look what local illustrator David Litchfield achieved when he did a drawing a day for a year.

500 days of Summer: The Winners!

Well, they do say that good things come to those who wait... Summer seems a very, VERY long time ago now that it's getting colder, but we're going to take this opportunity to remind you of the very lovely summer of 2013 by (finally) announcing the winners of our 500 words of Summer story competition. Congratulations to:

Mia Collacott for her story 'The Tigers' Argument'.

Freddie Jordan for his story 'The Seal with No Home'

Martin Lindill for his story, which didn't have a title, but we'd like to call it 'The Treaty of the Apple.'

There is also a prize for the story Great Grandmother and the Magic Milkshake' - a joint effort by Charlotte Gorringe-Serrano and Scarlett Gavi-Gorringe.


The judges, chaired by Alex Levine, of The Place Theatre were really impressed with the standard of the entries, and had a hard time picking the eventual winners.  The stories are all brilliant, and we'll be celebrating with a special afternoon tea, where the winners will receive their signed books by local author Julia Jarman, and goody bags. 


We're going to compile a special book of stories to keep at the Kiosk - which all the entries we had will be included in. Anyone else who wants to contribute a 500-word(ish) story is welcome to - and you've got the rest of November to write one. So if all the fireworks have inspired your creativity, or of you fancy writing a Christmas story of your own - why not bring one down to The Kiosk at the Park? We'll put it in our book! Illustrations very welcome too!

And yes, it is getting colder. But one of these marshmallow hot chocolate mountains might be enough to lure you out to submit a work of literary genius...

hot choc mountain

Hedgehog Art

It's been a few weeks since our sunny day of hedgehog creation in the park.  We thought that you might like to see the winning entries, chosen by illustrator Katy Dynes from a huge selection of inspired designs. Katy told us that it was 'really hard to choose - so many of the hedgehogs were amazing and showed so much imagination!' Russell the Hedgehog by Sarah

Russell the Hedgehog by Ella R.

Russell the Hedgehog by Ella

Russell the Hedgehog by Fenya

Russell the Hedgehog by Harry

Russell the Hedgehog by Isabelle

Russell the Hedgehog by Olivia

Russell the Hedgehog by Polly

As you can see we have a huge range of Russell designs, from the natural look - leaves and pinecones, to soft pink with a yellow nose; there are floral patterns and pom-pom accessories, plus the addition of a surfboard in one.  All of the ones that we picked showed a great deal of personality - essential for a cheeky hedgehog living near the Kiosk.  Katy took elements of all these winning designs for her final  soft toy of the Kiosk mascot Russell - to be unveiled VERY SOON! Much excitement! We've got some fab interviews with some of the winning artists coming up on the blog, as well as, obviously, the first photos of our very own mascot Russell. Paparazzi moment!

If you would like to collect your work of Russell-Art - perhaps to hang above your mantelpiece, they are all available for collection from the Kiosk. Thank you all for your imaginative entries.

Did you know that we are starting an e-newsletter to keep you in the loop about all the activities we run, and what exciting events are coming up? If you'd like to receive it, please email with your details.

500 Words of Summer

Ever dreamed of writing your own book? Do you secretly dream of being an author like Julia Donaldson or JK Rowling? Would you like to wrote a short story, just to get started? Well, if so, we have marvellous news for you. The Kiosk at the Park is delighted to announce that we will be running a storywriting competition over the summer holidays! We're teaming up with local authors and book enthusiasts to get the children (and grown ups!) of Bedford writing stories. There are no set themes or rules about what you have to write about - it just needs to be 500 words or under. There will be EXCELLENT prizes for the winning story plus two runners up in each category. Winners will be decided by a panel of expert judges. There are four age categories:

Up to 9 years (If your 9th birthday is after the 26th August 2013, that's the one for you.)

9-13 years (for those with 13th birthdays after the 26th August)

13-18 years (for those with 18th birthdays after the 26th August)

18 years plus (you know who you are.)

Just one entry per person please, and you'll need to hand your stories in to the Kiosk before 6pm on the 26th August. We'll have some forms for you to fill in your contact details.

If you'd like some help getting started, there will be a drop-in storywriting workshop (with a bit of storytime for the younger ones) on Thursday 25th July at the Kiosk from 10-12. Keep checking the blog and our facebook page for more details - and make sure you tell all of your friends!


Super Sweet Blogger Award

As you may or may not have noticed, with the notable exception of the Kite Festival Weekend (more to come on that, but generally, wasn't it FAB? It was like being in Spain or something, only with more kites!) the month of May has been something of a cold washout so far. So we were particularly pleased to receive some very heart-warmingly nice news last weekend - that we have been nominated for an award! The fabulous MonsterYarns blog has nominated us for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! Happy times at The Kiosk! Hands up who has ever mentally prepared for an Oscar-style award acceptance speech, complete with fantasy award ceremony dress ideas? Well, it turns out that all that is still on hold, but in the meantime, as per the rules of the award, we must answer some tricky questions. Cookies or Cake? At the risk of offending any of our brilliant suppliers, we are going to vote for CAKE. Sturdy, get-you-through-the-afternoon Victoria Sponge-type of cake.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate. Vanilla has its place, of course, but there is something a bit magical about chocolate.

What is your favourite sweet-treat? It's very hard to beat a Malteser Square. Literally, as well as figuratively. Those things are CONDENSED in a very good way.

When do you crave sweet things the most? Mostly during that pesky 2pm-ish, after-lunch energy dip. Or, scoff-o-clock, as we like to think of it as.

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Er, tricky one. After a bit of deliberation, we're plumping for Bonbon, mostly because we like the way that "the name arose from infantile repetition of the word bon, meaning 'good'. In modern French and several other European languages, the term simply refers to any type of candy or small confection." Thank you wikipedia. The Kiosk:  so good, we say it twice, just to emphasise the point.

Sweet Treats

And now in accordance with the rules, we must nominate 13 other blogs (a baker's dozen, no less!) or at least as many as we can who we think are worthy of a bit of a sweet-treat! Whether or not an actual award does exist for all this sweet blogger malarkey or not is debatable. But it is nevertheless a great opportunity to recommend some of the inspirational, pretty, and downright USEFUL blogs we read and love.

Kitchen Table Sewing, first off, for her endless dedication to the world of good cake and excellent sewing. A must read for anyone attempting any sort of stitching.

StayingAwake for services to coffee-snobbery and all things beautifully-designed.

Great Smitten for beautiful photography and writing

Bedford Network : the best place to get the lowdown on the best places to eat/shop/hangout in Bedford.

Want to know about tea and/or baking? Try reading Steffanie Pomfrett's blog. She knows her special teas...

Brian's Coffee Spot: Brian knows A LOT about coffee.

For fantasy baking, with an American twang, try Just Baked by Me. Foolproof cake recipes . What's not to love?

For the BEST bread recipes we have ever drooled over: The Little Loaf. (Number 22 in the Foodies100 list!)

For gluten/soy/dairy free recipe inspiration, have a nosy at this blog: food that feels good. That's not 13, admittedly. But it is a good place to start if you are looking for something tasty to read. All worthy award nominees! Now, when is this award ceremony then? We've got some party shoes to dust down....

Mini Golf at the Kiosk

ImageRussell Park is full of interesting things to do: adventure playground, climbing trees, space for rugby, football, hide and seek, scooting, bike-riding, dog walking, tennis, table tennis and MINI GOLF. Also known as 'pitch and putt', there are different ways to describe it - but basically a mini 18-hole course, right here in the park!


If you're looking for something to keep yourself or your offspring busy for an hour or so - why not try your luck on the course, just behind the kiosk!  All the equipment is available to hire from the Kiosk. It's cheap, fun, and outdoors - just think of all the vitamin D* you'll be soaking up whilst aiming for that hole in one! Or two, or three. Or, let's face it, these things take time to perfect.

Three (or 4, if you count a comedy shopping opportunity) reasons to play mini Golf in Russell Park:

Reason 1: We found this great review of the course on this blog here - written by Richard Gottfried, who is a British Minigolf Association (BMGA) Tour Pro, Great Britain International Minigolfer & a member of the 2008 BMGA British Club Champions – the Midlands Minigolf Club. So he knows his stuff. He says 'the course is in excellent condition with good equipment and scorecards. Last time out I scored a 48(+12), with a hole-in-one on the 15th hole and this time I scored a slightly better 46(+10) and an Ace on the 14th hole.'

So there's a score to beat!

Reason 2: The Mayor does it. As does 3 Counties Radio DJ Nick Coffer. It's basically a celebrity sport.


Reason 3: You could introduce it as a lunchtime activity for your office or a group of colleagues. Think of the benefits of getting fresh air, some time out of the office AND the chance to fit in some always-welcome  team-building and socializing time. Oh, and the Kiosk just happens to be a great place for lunch...Here are the guys from Woods Hardwick at the Kiosk for a bit of lunchtime mini-golf. We'd love to see some more local firms following suit - we're planning to start a lunchtime league, just to give you that competitive edge to your lunchtime putting.  Give us a call on 01234 271877 to find out more.


Reason 4: If you get good enough, you could buy yourself this t-shirt:


*the Kiosk can guarantee you nice cakes and tea afterwards, but not sunshine. It's just not in our remit, OK?


Competition Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Canine at The Kiosk Photography Competition February/March 2013. 


The Small Print...

1. All photos must be received by midnight on the 10th March 2013. The winners will be selected and informed via email the following week.

2. This competition is open to UK residents only.

3. The competition is judged upon, but not limited to, the following criteria....

The creative composition of the photo, image quality, relevance to category.

5. By entering this competition you grant Kiosk at the Park the right to publish submitted photo(s), your name, and your dogs name, on our blog, in the press and on our social networking channels.

6. Small photo alterations may be made by our staff in order to fit our website, social networking channels or email newsletters.

7. Canines at The Kiosk will be judged by a panel of local personalities chosen by The Kiosk Management. All decisions are final.

8. All photos sent to Canines at The Kiosk must be the legal property of the person submitting the image and must have been taken by them. The Kiosk at The Park will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements.

9. The Canines at the Kiosk team reserves the right to refuse any photograph which they deem unacceptable and not suitable for this competition.

10. By entering this competition you will also be automatically added to our mailing list but please feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

11. There is no limit to the number of submissions per person.

12. Please ensure the information you submit is completed accurately.  Canines at The Kiosk will not be responsible for photos being placed in the wrong categories due to inaccurate information submitted by entrant. 

13. This competition is in no way related to Facebook, although entries will be posted on

14. The winner will be announced on Sunday 17th March at 11am at The Kiosk, Russell Park, Bedford.

15. Entrants must be accompanied by the completion of the caption "My dog loves Russell Park because....", with contact details.  Entrants must specify whether they are over 16 or under 16. 

Canines at the Kiosk

Here at the Kiosk we love meeting all of the friendly dogs who come to the park with their owners. Sometimes the owners are walking the dogs, sometimes it is more the owner who is being taken for a run, but we're always very happy to see them, and we've always got a dog biscuit to hand and a thirst quenching bowl of water.  We have decided to celebrate the Russell Park dog contingent by launching our very own version of Crufts, right here in Russell Park: Canines at the Kiosk! It is a dog photograph competition for all the hounds who hang out in the park, with six categories, including:
  • Top Dog
  • Lookalike
  • Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  • Puppy Power
  • Man's Best Friend
  • In the Dog House
In addition to these there will also be an overall winner of Best in Show – judged by a panel of distinguished local personalities - the winner of which will receive the magnificent prize of a Professional Pooch Portrait! Winners of all categories will be awarded doggy bags and have their photos displayed at the Kiosk throughout March and April. Just like the status that goes with being a Crufts winner, your dog will also have the not-to-be-sniffed-at honour of being an official Canines at the Kiosk Top Dog.


Perhaps you and your doggy pal live up to the cliché that dogs and their owners look alike, or maybe your puppy performs a series of daft but incredible squirrel-chasing feats? Or is your dog one of those who picks a peculiar spot to get his 40 winks? Get snapping those top dog moments and send them in. All categories are open to your interpretation, so be creative and see what ideas you, your imagination and your four-legged friend can come up with.
Send us your pooch-photos by Sunday 10th March 2013along with the category you are entering and a reason why your pooch loves our park starting:
'FIDO (insert name of your pooch here) loves Russell Park because....'
in no more than 50 words. We also need to know whether you are under 16. Send your entries to kioskatthepark@gmail.comor tweet them to us @KioskatthePark #CaninesattheKiosk.  You can also post them on facebook at

We will accept up to five photographs per entrant. Happy snapping!

And just so you know, despite our well publicised love of the inimitable Onesie, we cannot condone forcing dogs to wear them. However, this is how they would look, if you were interested.

Summer opening times

pavilion open 9-5pm
the window stays open until 6pm

last food orders 3:30pm

Autumn opening times
as of October 1st

pavilion open 9-4pm
the window stays open until 5pm

last food orders 3:15pm

Mondays: Café opens at 10am

we are open 7 days a week and dogs are welcome on our heated veranda during the winter months

We occasionally close early for private bookings. Please always call us to book a table & avoid being disappointed!

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