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Park People - Jo from Buggy Bootcamp

The Kiosk at the Park is delighted that there is now a Buggy Bootcamp fitness session running (literally!) in Russell Park. Just after Storytime on Mondays -Storytime starts at 9.30, and ends around 10.15 - we welcome Jo from Buggy Bootcamp Bedford to run a class that's based around the idea of a workout with kids! We love it because it means that you don't need an expensive creche or gym - just you, a buggy, and your baby comes along too! AND it's a fresh air, outdoors sort of workout. We asked Jo to write a little bit about the classes and her reasons for getting involved:

Jo from Buggy Bootcamp

After the birth of my son Ollie two years ago, I started exercising with my buggy as soon as that long awaited 6 week check came around. I couldn't run with Ollie as he was too young (the recommended age to start running with baby is 6 months) so I just walked, parked up, ran to and from the buggy, did body-toning exercises with resistance bands and dumbells and just kept repeating it all. I have been a personal trainer for many years so I knew what I was doing. I had searched for an exercise class to do with babies but there was nothing suitable locally. Eventually I came across Buggy Bootcamp ( which was set up by Nicola Ostler in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire about four and a half years ago. It has gone from strength to strength and is now a national franchise with Personal Trainers like myself joining so that they can bring Buggy Bootcamp to their home town.
Buggy Bootcamp is brilliant because it suits mums of all ages and all fitness abilities. Firstly because there is no running with the buggy you don't need an expensive pushchair. The usual format that I use is to park the buggies in a circle initially while we do the warm up. Then depending on what we’re doing that week the buggies may be parked in a line, a semi circle, or a circle or used to do walking leg exercises or parked at various cones where mums will be working - the possibilities are endless and I change things every week. The main part of the class may include some running to and from the buggy ( walking is always given as an option - runners go twice and walkers just once so everyone finishes at the same time) interspersed with either some body weight exercise like squat or sit ups or some resistance band work. Working in this way keeps things interesting!
You can join Buggy Bootcamp as soon as you have had the all-clear from your doctor after the birth of your child (6 weeks for a normal delivery and 12 for a c- section). You can join at any point in the month or term because the classes are different each week; they don't follow a prescribed course. I always give alternatives to make the exercises easier or more difficult so mums with different fitness levels can work alongside each other with no problems. You can join when your  baby is just 6 weeks old or when your child is much older. Having a toddler running around with you just adds to your workout and is no problem because we’re all in the same boat!
Your first class is free so just come and give it ago or just come along and watch. You’ll find us at The Kiosk on a Monday morning at 10.15 am (after 9.30 storytime). From there we will walk to an area in Russell Park where we’ll set up and get going, so if you miss us at The Kiosk at 10.15am we wont be far away. To view a class in action just go to
Buggy Bootcamp
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