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Time to get cracking: plans for the Easter Holidays!

It's the school holidays. It's time to think up a million and one interesting things to do without breaking the bank, or indeed, your sanity. Well, we've got ten things to get you thinking. And if you need more thinking time, come and do it in the fresh air at the Kiosk, with a piece of cake and a restorative hot drink. That's the best way to think, we find.

1. Go to the swings: visit the new playground at Russell Park. It's ACE. And frankly, if a slide is good enough for Dave the Mayor, (yes, he really did!) it's good enough for all of us...


2. Go to the theatre: check out the great kids theatre that's on over the next few weeks at University of Bedfordshire Theatre - the programme includes a production of The Just So Stories by Red Table Theatre on Sunday 6th April, 


3. Go on an Easter egg hunt! Eggsplore is a new Easter Egg hunt around Bedford town centre on 12th April  -start at the BedPop shop (the old Pizza Hut building on the High Street) anytime between 10am and 3pm. For more info, check out their Facebook page here. There is also a bunny hunt for little ones, the Circus of Illustration will be on hand for drawing-based fun, and you can collect discounts at independents along the hunt!

4. Get on your bikes! Take the section of route 51 between Priory Country Park and Willington to the Danish Camp and burn off the pre-Easter snack-fest. (This option has the added bonus of wearing the kids out. At least for a bit!)

5. Visit our little free library! If you are doing a spot of spring cleaning, why not sort the books you've read but would love other people to read too - and donate them! You can swap them for other reading adventures-in-waiting.

6. Run away to the circus - at Willington!  Frosts Garden Centre at Willington are hosting a circus! Between Tuesday 15th and Sunday 20th April , with performances at 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm & 4.30pm. Book tickets (£5.99 per person) here.


7. Go to the movies!(for less.) The showings at Cineworld on Saturday mornings are just £1.50! And on Saturday 5th April, these include: Sherman and Mr Peabody, Frozen and Justin and the Knights of Valour! More info here, but we advise you book online to avoid disappointment and popcorn-grief.

8. Go to the Museum! The Higgins is a great day out anyway - but during the holidays they have loads of extra creative activities including workshops where you can try watercolour paintings (8th April) or build a (model) tractor, (11th April) or learn all about wool, (15th April) or find out which trees different wood comes from, (9th April) and then a chance to bring the foyer of the museum into bloom with by making paper daffodils and flowers. (16th April). All workshops are suitable for children over 3, and cost £2.20 per child. More details here.

9. Bake a cake! If you need any inspiration, why not check out one of our favourite websites they draw and Beautifully illustrated recipes, and a great way of engaging kids.

10. Build something incredible from Lego.  Anyone who fancies building a tiny version of Kiosk in The Park is very welcome to try! Here are the treats ready for you...








Smarties Tubes, Tree Planting and Mountains.

We do so love a fundraising campaign that involves eating...and the very special project we're starting this week at the Kiosk involves eating smarties. Did you know that eating smarties can help plant trees on mountains? No? Well, we did say it was a really special project, not to mention a brilliant idea. We're teaming up with the wonderful people who supply our coffee, Ethical Addictions, to raise money for their indigenous tree planting project. The trees are going to be planted on Africa's tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro, helping to preserve the rainforest and protecting the local environment.

Nursery Trees

This is why Ethical Addictions is a special kind of coffee supplier:

The fundraising we're doing works like this:

Pick up a tube of Smarties from the Kiosk, or go and buy one (the hexagonal kind.)

Eat Smarties.

Fill the empty tube with 20p coins.

Bring the stash of 20ps in the tube to the Kiosk over the Easter weekend, and we will donate the money to Ethical Addictions Coffee.

EA Coffee will use the money to plant trees on a mountain!

smarties blog

You can read more about EA Coffee's environmental work here, and you can see a video of their tree planting project, which has been running from 2010, here.

Excitingly, once the trees have been planted, you'll be sent a GPS reference for the tree that has been planted with the donations you made! That's definitely worth saving up those 20ps for. You can get 60 20ps into a smarties tube: which is £12. Just £10 will pay for your tree to be planted. Well worth the saving/hunting behind sofas/pestering Dad...

 Kiosk 1

Owls at The Kiosk!

Tomorrow  at 10am, we welcome Ian from Forest Owl Forest School to The Kiosk at The Park! To get you in the mood, he's sent us a few owl-facts (via owl-post, obviously). Did you know that there are over 200 different species of Owls? (Wow!)

These include the rather festive sounding Cinnamon Screech Owl,


The magnificent Snowy Owl:

Snowy Owl

And the teeny tiny Elf Owl!


There are loads more owls, which you can look up here. We'd love to know what your favourite owl is! (We love the sound of an elf owl, although presumably they are busy this time of year, what with all that wrapping and packing of presents for Father Chrsitmas!)  Whichever one you like the sound of best, why not join us tomorrow at the Kiosk when we welcome Ian from Forest Owl Forest School - you can even make your very own toilet roll owl or even a festive toilet roll Robin.

Come along from 10am and bring some toilet roll inners (don't worry if you can't find any we will have some spares) and Ian from Forest Owl will show you how to make either an Owl or a festive Robin just like these handsome chaps:

 Owl toilet roll 1


Forest Owl, Forest School is a new Bedford based organisation that will be offering, alongside their work teaching curriculum based lessons at schools across Bedfordshire, some exciting birthday party ideas and curriculum based “subject booster” Saturday clubs from their new woodland base in Bromham starting in January 2014.

Forest Owl

For more information and for some great fun forest based ideas follow Forest Owl on Facebook here.

See you there! Milk, biscuits, Christmas snacks and more will be on sale as usual for hungry crafters and their owls!  We'll have special themed cupcakes and mulled wine  as well as some very yummy gluten-free mince pies.  Last but not least we are also launching the latest deliciousness from Malmesbury Syrups 'Bah Humbug' - deliciously minty in a hot chocolate or latte!

New - Bah Humbug Syrup

A festival of Hedgehogs!

Did you know that the collective noun for hedgehogs is 'a prickle of hedgehogs' ? Neither did we!  If you want to look up more delightful collective nouns for animals, take a peek at this list. We especially love 'a sleuth of bears' and 'an ambush of tigers' . Anyway, last Wednesday, a rather large prickle of hedgehogs started to appear on the grass by The Kiosk - all designed by local Kiosk Kids. Part of our Hedgehog Mania event was the task we set children to design Russell the hedgehog, which could be made into a soft toy mascot for The Kiosk by local illustrator and designer Katy Dynes. Never ones to shirk from a good designing task, the kids unleashed their creative sides and this rather good-looking prickle of hedgehogs appeared:

What a good looking bunch!

Katy offers some design advice


Everyone did really well, and we were amazed to see the creativity of the Kiosk Kids - no two Russells were the same - we had multi-coloured ones, collage hedgehogs, Russells with acorns and leaves and pinecones, fluffy pom-pom noses, hedgehogs on surfboards, pink hedgehogs, green ones...

Katy and Jo, who organised the craft activities, are currently looking at a selection of the entries, which Katy will then use to create the final mascot. Well done to everyone who contributed - Russell will be a really special hedgehog, made up of your ideas!

As well as the craft, we also had a VIP guest - Honey the African Pygmy Hedgehog! She was visiting us with the team from Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital. who talked to everybody about hedgehogs and how we can help them. Honey was a bit of a hit to be honest. We fully expect that diva-like behaviour may follow very soon.

Honey the Hedgehog wows the crowds

We were then treated to a really special storytime with Jane Lambourne from Wassledine. Jane is a storyteller who creates tales that are based on the nature around us. She also carries and exciting trunk of fairytale objects - including the apple that poisoned Snow White; the children were completely spellbound, we have it on good authority that several of them are still speaking in hushed tones about the glass slipper they saw and the hedgehog adventures...

As well as all of this, we had (hedgehog) biscuit decoration, guess the weight of the (hedgehog) cake, and some really rather fabulous face-painting thanks to local students Sophie and Millie. We raised money for the Hedgehog Hospital, and had a brilliant time while we were at it. What a great morning. Watch this (hedgehog shaped) space for the first glimpse of new-look Russell, created by you, coming soon!

It was all summed up very nicely by a lovely customer who left this feedback on our facebook page:

"My girls had a fab time at the hedgehog activity today, my folks took them and raved about it. The lady who ran it -Katie- was fab and really great with the kids and Emma thought it was so cute the way Honey kept trying to hide in the ladies' cardigan! My girls came back very happy and with beautifully painted faces - thank you!"

This kind of event really emphasises how it is you - the local community - who make The Kiosk a really special place to come. Thank you for your support and your enthusiasm. Thank you for bringing your imaginative children along to take part in our events and to enjoy them! Massive thank-yous also go to Jane from Wassledine who generously gave us her time, to the team from Shepreth, to Karen Bland for her incredible hedgehog cake and to Jo Midgely and Katy Dynes for their work organsing the event and help with the craft.

Decorate a biscuit...

Guess the weight of the hedgehog cake

Hedghog face paint

épanoui - Jewellery design at the Kiosk

You know when you meet someone who you just know is going to go far: incredibly talented and with a great business idea? Well, Hannah, who works part time here at the Kiosk, is one of those people. And making the perfect latte is just one of her talents. She also makes beautiful, high quality jewellery under the name épanoui. We caught up with Hannah in between jewellery-making and coffee-making to chat about her business, her inspiration and what exactly the word épanoui means  (you'll love it!)

So Hannah, tell us a little about the jewellery you make.

épanoui is a line of  high-quality hand-made jewellery. I only use the finest precious metals and gemstones to make  my products, which include bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  I sell online, (you can see the lovely website here)  and also through a few shops across Beds, Bucks, Suffolk - with more stockists in the pipeline.

What inspired you to set up your own business?

I've always been creative, and it's something I've always wanted to do, I just needed the right moment! After I graduated from Nottingham Trent (Fashion Marketing and Communications), I went on to do a short course in jewellery making at Central St Martins. I knew that was the direction I wanted to go in, but with little experience and no money behind me, it would have been hard to just set up on my own. So I went and worked in entertainment PR in London, ending up working for Disney. It was great experience, and gave me a really good grounding in branding and promotion, but after a few years I wanted to do something more creative. So in February 2012 I moved to Bedford, and in June 2012, I  left Disney, ready to set up on my own. I took a long creating the brand and website; I really wanted to get it right first time.

Where did the unusual name come from?

I first heard the word épanoui (pronounced e-pan-wee) a few years ago – long before I had decided to set up my own business. It's a French word, and I first heard it used to describe a garden that was flourishing. There is no direct translation into English, but it basically means something that has reached its full potential – to blossom, to grow, to be in full bloom. It must have really struck a chord with me, because I remembered it when I was setting the business up, and it just seemed to be a perfect fit with the brand I was creating: natural, fresh, connected. People did warn me against using a name that people might not be able to pronounce or spell, but the word sums up perfectly what I do, so I stuck with it, and I still love it!

What's been your best moment so far?

 Winning the Bedford Business Women (link) Young Achiever award in my first year of business was incredible. I was so excited just to be nominated amongst all these women doing such amazing work; to actually win was unbelievable. And it was at their Silver Ball, celebrating their 25th Anniversary, so I got to dress up and go to a beautiful ball, which was great as well! The award is in pride of place on my mantelpiece, I'm still so pleased to have won!

What's been hard about going it alone?

 The financial change of going from a well-paid job with a regular income to being self-employed with initially very little income was a challenge! Luckily my boyfriend has been very supportive – he's self-employed too, so he's been really encouraging, and supported me thorough that transition. It's also quite hard to adjust from working in a busy office surrounded by people all the time, to working by yourself, for yourself, and being on your own a lot more. That's why I got a job at The Kiosk, it gets me out and talking to people, as well as being a bit of regular income. Through working here I've been able to meet loads of people, get to know the community and make new friends. Nansi and Emma have been so supportive and are really flexible, so it's been possible to work here alongside growing my own business.

What has a year of running your own business taught you?

 Well I've learnt a lot about myself! And I have learnt a lot about my customers and my market. But mostly I have just learnt to stick to my guns – lots of people will offer you advice about altering the way you do things to make it easier to sell, or to appeal to a wider audience, but I think you have to stay true to your principles and brand ethos, and figure out what works for you. If you don't compromise on your brand, it will grow in the way you want it to.

What is next up from épanoui? Any exciting new products to tell us about?

 One of our most exciting new additions to the brand is personalised bespoke pieces. We are now offering designs engraved with special initials & dates for the ultimate thoughtful gift. I love to work closely with each individual customer to create the perfect design be it for a loved one or even a treat for themselves the beauty is that each piece is completely unique and comes beautifully giftwrapped.

You can feast your eyes on some of Hannah's beautiful designs below. Clearly a rising star of the jewellery world, our advice would be to stock up while you can on this locally-made loveliness. A selection of  épanoui jewellery is available locally at Pensieri in Castle Quay, or you can see the full list of stockists here.

Smokey quartz studs

Image 6.


We would also like to remind you that Hannah's creative skills extend to beautifully made coffee, and as such are on show at the Kiosk - the home of artisan lattes. (A bold statement, but we'll go with it.)

500 Words of Summer

Ever dreamed of writing your own book? Do you secretly dream of being an author like Julia Donaldson or JK Rowling? Would you like to wrote a short story, just to get started? Well, if so, we have marvellous news for you. The Kiosk at the Park is delighted to announce that we will be running a storywriting competition over the summer holidays! We're teaming up with local authors and book enthusiasts to get the children (and grown ups!) of Bedford writing stories. There are no set themes or rules about what you have to write about - it just needs to be 500 words or under. There will be EXCELLENT prizes for the winning story plus two runners up in each category. Winners will be decided by a panel of expert judges. There are four age categories:

Up to 9 years (If your 9th birthday is after the 26th August 2013, that's the one for you.)

9-13 years (for those with 13th birthdays after the 26th August)

13-18 years (for those with 18th birthdays after the 26th August)

18 years plus (you know who you are.)

Just one entry per person please, and you'll need to hand your stories in to the Kiosk before 6pm on the 26th August. We'll have some forms for you to fill in your contact details.

If you'd like some help getting started, there will be a drop-in storywriting workshop (with a bit of storytime for the younger ones) on Thursday 25th July at the Kiosk from 10-12. Keep checking the blog and our facebook page for more details - and make sure you tell all of your friends!


Birthday Party in the Park


So: this weekend marks our very first birthday! What a year it has been. Weather-wise, we've had it all; from torrential rain to snowman-quality snow, from baking sunshine to frosty sleet. And through it all we have served coffee cake and sandwiches to you - our wonderfully loyal and enthusiastic customers;  whether you've sheltered under blankets with hot water bottles or you've come seeking some shade and a cool drink. You've come for stories and songs, a chat and a catch up, a lazy afternoon tea and a morning coffee. You've made the Kiosk into the heart of Russell Park.

Thank you.

Here are just a few of our highlights of a brilliant first year:

And so it begins...



Red Nose Day Fun








Peppa Pig and Friends

We would love to see you all for a mini birthday party in the park on Sunday to celebrate a fantastic year! Birthday cake to be served between 5 and 6pm.  And after a year of this Kiosk lark, we have learned one or two things about good cake...

Super Sweet Blogger Award

As you may or may not have noticed, with the notable exception of the Kite Festival Weekend (more to come on that, but generally, wasn't it FAB? It was like being in Spain or something, only with more kites!) the month of May has been something of a cold washout so far. So we were particularly pleased to receive some very heart-warmingly nice news last weekend - that we have been nominated for an award! The fabulous MonsterYarns blog has nominated us for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! Happy times at The Kiosk! Hands up who has ever mentally prepared for an Oscar-style award acceptance speech, complete with fantasy award ceremony dress ideas? Well, it turns out that all that is still on hold, but in the meantime, as per the rules of the award, we must answer some tricky questions. Cookies or Cake? At the risk of offending any of our brilliant suppliers, we are going to vote for CAKE. Sturdy, get-you-through-the-afternoon Victoria Sponge-type of cake.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate. Vanilla has its place, of course, but there is something a bit magical about chocolate.

What is your favourite sweet-treat? It's very hard to beat a Malteser Square. Literally, as well as figuratively. Those things are CONDENSED in a very good way.

When do you crave sweet things the most? Mostly during that pesky 2pm-ish, after-lunch energy dip. Or, scoff-o-clock, as we like to think of it as.

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Er, tricky one. After a bit of deliberation, we're plumping for Bonbon, mostly because we like the way that "the name arose from infantile repetition of the word bon, meaning 'good'. In modern French and several other European languages, the term simply refers to any type of candy or small confection." Thank you wikipedia. The Kiosk:  so good, we say it twice, just to emphasise the point.

Sweet Treats

And now in accordance with the rules, we must nominate 13 other blogs (a baker's dozen, no less!) or at least as many as we can who we think are worthy of a bit of a sweet-treat! Whether or not an actual award does exist for all this sweet blogger malarkey or not is debatable. But it is nevertheless a great opportunity to recommend some of the inspirational, pretty, and downright USEFUL blogs we read and love.

Kitchen Table Sewing, first off, for her endless dedication to the world of good cake and excellent sewing. A must read for anyone attempting any sort of stitching.

StayingAwake for services to coffee-snobbery and all things beautifully-designed.

Great Smitten for beautiful photography and writing

Bedford Network : the best place to get the lowdown on the best places to eat/shop/hangout in Bedford.

Want to know about tea and/or baking? Try reading Steffanie Pomfrett's blog. She knows her special teas...

Brian's Coffee Spot: Brian knows A LOT about coffee.

For fantasy baking, with an American twang, try Just Baked by Me. Foolproof cake recipes . What's not to love?

For the BEST bread recipes we have ever drooled over: The Little Loaf. (Number 22 in the Foodies100 list!)

For gluten/soy/dairy free recipe inspiration, have a nosy at this blog: food that feels good. That's not 13, admittedly. But it is a good place to start if you are looking for something tasty to read. All worthy award nominees! Now, when is this award ceremony then? We've got some party shoes to dust down....

Spring Fling at the Park

Two great British traditions will come together on Saturday in Russell Park - the marvelous concept of the picnic, and also LAUGHING IN THE FACE OF THE BRITISH SUMMER. We like both. Picnicking, for obvious reasons - delicious food, eating outdoors, on a nice rug, (or just one that has been rolling around in the back of the car for an unspecified number of years, it really doesn't matter-)  perhaps a pork pie or two- a picnic is a really lovely, outdoorsy, social way to eat.

Picnics - the dream

And, laughing in the face of the British so-called-Summer. Well, it is practically a national obsession, and you can usually turn it into a nice game to help pass the time as you shelter from the latest downpour.

"Who can remember a worse Spring?"

"Ah, the May of 1985 was terrible - definitely colder."

"But do you remember the awful drought of May 1991? At least we're not on a hosepipe ban and queuing for water..."


Umbrella-tastic - stylish British picnics

We'll be celebrating BOTH of these things this Saturday, (May 18th) with a little help from our friends. The Spring Fling Picnic is all about heading down to Russell Park with a picnic, a blanket or two and some friends/children/accomplices  to be part of a great big community knees-up in the park.  The Kiosk serves hot drinks, remember, and has blankets and hot water bottles available if the weather does its worst.  And if the sun comes out, we can all enjoy the actual Springtime. It's on from 11am at The Kiosk - and excitingly, we have room for buskers! If you, or someone you know wants to book a slot - get in touch!

We're organizing the event in association with The Scone Roses and Kris, from The Frogs Chorus. So there will be singing, storytime, busking and loads of other activities all around the Kiosk - and you can top up your picnic supplies from the Kiosk  - have you seen our beautiful new kids' lunch bags?

A ladybird lunch

Come on - let's show the weather that it takes more than a bit of drizzle to defeat Bedford's finest picnic-ers. See you there!

The Good Life in Bedford


Imagine the situation – a family of Londoners (plus sundry pets) with two months to find and successfully offer on a house in Bedford, which is near amenities, school and the station. We knew no-one in the area. “A tall ask”, I hear you say? Well, that was us last Autumn.

After walking down the High Street and other sundry areas, I had come to the conclusion that moving out of London was a very bad idea indeed and schools be damned, I was staying put. Fortunately for us, Purdey, our much-loved cocker spaniel (tri-colour no less!) needed a walk and we stumbled across Russell Park and The Kiosk and lovely Nansi. I know it sounds bizarre but an autumnal Russell Park, sitting on hay bales, drinking tea with husband’s grumps brought to an end by the first decent cappuccino of the day (at last!) and no whingeing from the boys as they were too busy with their Marshmallow Mountains (and all served with a friendly smile and some excellent advice on the local area), I felt the first flush of the Good Life outside London.

Marshmallow Mountain

Six months on, we live next to Russell Park. I can see the Kiosk from my house. It’s very apt after all. Without it, we’d still be in London and all the madness that entails. And it doesn’t stop there. I have been prompted to create my own personal Good Life through seeing the entrepreneurial spirit at The Kiosk. Who needs that hellish daily commute to London? Who needs that faceless boss and lack of creativity? Well, for a while I still do but I’ve also started something for me - Monster Yarns, with a new logo and everything!

monster yarns

It’s a yarn e-shop, blog and I’ve become a knitting coach. How much more of a Good Life can there be for a knitting fanatic and yarn bore? Thanks to all at The Kiosk for helping us to see the Good Life in Bedford!



Breakfast in a Bun

Image We do this thing on a Sunday.  Its rather good, even if we do say so ourselves.  We can't take the credit for it - that goes to the rather wonderful Xanthe Clay - no-nonsense cookery columnist for the weekend section of the Daily Telegraph.  She came up with it last Christmas as a one-stop-breakfast option and we love it! Breakfast in a Bun is our take on her recipe and you can find them on sale at The Kiosk every Sunday from about 11am. Bacon, mushrooms, egg and tomato all neatly packaged in a crispy roll. Perfect for those Sunday mornings when you feel slightly jaded, in need of some fresh air and a bit of delicious breakfast incentive to get you out of bed. We're working on the vegetarian version now.

If you are lucky enough to live in Bedford, its easy to head to Russell Park, with three shiny gold coins in your pocket - call it Elevenses, call it Brunch - call it what you will,  whatever you call it, we don't think you'll be disappointed.Image

The Kiosk, Russell Park, The Embankment, Bedford.  Open every weekday 8.30am to 5.00pm and at weekends 9.30am to 5.00pm.  Call 01234 271877 if you want to know more!

Meet the Maker: Karen Bland

Next up in our profiles of the multi-talented team of home-bakers who make treats for The Kiosk, we introduce Karen Bland. Creator of the much-loved cookie wands, gingerbread people and other firm Kiosk favourites; Karen is a biscuit guru with a burgeoning cookie-cutter collection. She likes to have a range of the more unusual cutters, so that her biscuits stand out from the crowd. As well as being perfectly formed, they are beautifully wrapped in cellophane and tied with gold ribbon; making them the ideal gift or a take-home-from-the-park treat. Karen always rises to the challenge of topical cookie-making, and in the past has supplied The Kiosk with Pudsey Cookies for Children in Need, Coffee mug-shaped biscuits for Macmillan Cancer Care's biggest coffee morning, and teddy bears wearing medals for Rainbow pre-school children taking part in a charity walk around the park.

Karen explains that she has always enjoyed cooking, and even remembers the first thing she made at primary school : Raspberry Buns (which sound rather tasty and quite ambitious for a first cooking lesson, clearly Karen has always aimed high!) These days, Karen cooks and bakes pretty much full-time; and says that she loves to make all kinds of things; savoury, sweet and anything that needs decorating – hence the edible artworks at The Kiosk. “The decorating part is quite time-consuming,” she says, “but luckily, I really enjoy that bit. That's why I'm always on the lookout for unusual cutters!”

As well as her masterpieces for The Kiosk, Karen supplies the renowned sandwich-capital of Bedford, Roosters, with cakey treats. She is also part of the talented team of home-bakers who supply a home-made goods stall for the regular Country Market Stall on Wednesdays in town centre. Karen is a keen jam and chutney maker, and also makes a mean Victoria Sponge. Keen to pick up good home-baking advice from reliable sources wherever possible, The Kiosk grilled her for some top tips for successful sponges:

  • Your grandma was right; weigh your eggs, and make sure the weight of the flour, sugar and fat match the weight of your eggs. For further advice on this, see the article here
  • Try using an electric hand whisk to whisk in the eggs. Karen thinks this is a crucial stage in the cake-making process. She uses her Kenwood hand-whisk to get the lightest results.
  • Get your oven nice and hot before the cake goes in.

The proof of the pudding is, of course, in the eating. So in the name of balanced scientific research, why not head down to The Kiosk and try out some Victoria Sponge for yourself. Or even a cookie wand. They really are hard to resist; often vanishing in minutes after delivery. Perhaps they really are magic?

Chapter 2: Russell and the mystery of the lost tennis ball

What's all the noise, Swans?” Russell shouted over the squealing and kerfuffle.
"We've lost our ball!” called one of the swans. It might have been Sydney, it might have been Sam. It was always very difficult to tell the swans apart.
Sophie Squirrel put down her yoga mat and rested her paws on her hips. “You definitely can't play tennis without a ball. Why don't you go and look for it? Perhaps we could all have a bit of peace then.”
I'll go!” shouted Russell (as loud as hedgehogs can shout, which is actually not very loud. It's more like a loud-ish whisper).  Russell thought that it would probably take the swans ages to find the ball. They were not very good at getting underneath the sort of places a ball might roll, and sometimes they got their necks tangled up trying to look very quickly in all directions.
He had a poke about under a few bushes, but couldn't see it. He put his snuffly nose into the three nearest tree trunks, but there was no ball. As quickly as his little legs (very little legs, actually) could go, he scuttled under the big weeping willow tree and towards the Malmsbury Ginger Baker's Gingerbread House. Russell loved the gingerbread house, it smelled delicious. But after the last time (or the pink marshmallow sofa fiasco, as he like to call it), Russell remembered that he definitely must NOT nibble at the furniture. He stood up as high as he could on his back legs and pressed the Smartie doorbell.
'Ding dong' it rang, and Russell heard gingerbread footsteps running towards the door...


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