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Pinterest: Get on board !

If you've got a creative project on the go and want somewhere to brainstorm and collect all of your ideas, look no further than  online scrapbook Pinterest.  If you've never used it, or are not sure how on earth you would use online scrapbooking; don't worry - pinning-help is at hand. We're very lucky to have a guest blog today from local journalist Sally Brown, who explains how to get the best out of Pinterest. Bunting


Get on board for happiness!

Back in the day, making a moodboard meant two or three hours grappling with a pile of magazines and a Pritt stick. Not any more – now you can throw together a mood board in an instant, thanks to virtual pinboard sites like Pinterest. But there’s more to online moodboarding than collecting pretty pictures. Use it right, and it will motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals.

Creating a virtual board is a great way of ‘pinning down’ fleeting thoughts, dreams and ideas that would otherwise get lost in day-to-day life. ‘A mood or visionboard creates a bridge from daydreams to reality,’ says lifecoach Dr Nicola Bunting. ‘Being able to look at something and say, ‘That’s what I want’ takes you a giant step nearer to achieving it.’

Images are processed by a different part of the brain than words, one that taps directly into our emotional state, says social media psychologist Dr Pamela Rutledge from Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP). ‘We get information faster through images and we understand it in a more intuitive way - it bypasses thinking and taps straight at emotions. That’s what makes visualisation so powerful – it creates change at a subconscious level.’

And because you choose images with the feeling part of your brain rather than the thinking side, they reflect the authentic you – so it’s a great way to get in touch with your deepest values and passions. ‘It’s hard to be dishonest on Pinterest if you trust your gut instinct and pin what immediately appeals to you. It’s a great way of exploring your passions,’ says Pamela.

Choosing and collecting images that represent your future goals and aspirations is like setting a ‘filter’ on your brain’s search engine - your brain naturally starts to home in on relevant information and opportunities that take you closer to your goal but that may otherwise have passed by unnoticed.

The Kiosk’s Emma Garrett used Pinterest to fuel her creative thinking when she was setting up the project: ‘In the three years it took to negotiate with the local council to get the go-ahead, I was feeding my imagination and enthusiasm by creating Pinterest boards full of images of any great cafe I came dream real and achievable.’

Feel inspired to try? Simply sign up at and create a user name. Then click on and name a board you’d like to work on. You build boards either by re-pinning images from other people’s boards (put a topic into the search button), pinning images you like from web pages (by installing a ‘Pin It’ button your bookmarks bar – Google ‘Pinterest button for Chrome’ to find a good selection), or pinning images directly from your phone.

A longer version of this article appears in the June issue of Zest magazine. By Kiosk regular and journalist Sally Brown.

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