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A Bin Elf and a loyalty card for Kiosk Kids!

Two exciting new schemes launch at the Kiosk on Friday, as part of our super summer holiday entertainment: a litter picking event and a loyalty card for our younger visitors. Friday morning is a very rare opportunity to meet one of the bin elves that tidy the park – and even help one out for the morning! Flynn the bin elf will be at the Kiosk from 10am to meet young (and any older) litter pickers, and we’ll be having a special storytime too! Litterpicking: good for your elf, don’t you know! Flynn says 'I am a very special elf as I can reuse the rubbish people put in the bin. My mission is to make Bedford cleaner and ensure that everyone uses a bin and recycle where they can.' ! An elf that can reuse rubbish is a VERY HELPFUL ELF!!

Flynn the Bin Elf

As for the loyalty cards – why should the grown-ups have all the fun and benefits of a loyalty card? We’re launching a card where young kiosk-ers (if that wasn’t a word, it is now!) can collect points every time they purchase a treat or drink from the Kiosk at the Park. On Friday we’ll be introducing the scheme and giving out loyalty cards.

Malteser squares could soon earn you points!

We’ve had a brilliant summer so far – we’ve been story-writing, paper doll making, and colouring; we’ve had a visit from the playhouse tent, a storytime bonanza, and LOTS of sunshine! There’s still plenty of time to make some paper dolls for the world record attempt and to enter our  500 words of summer competition,  and we’d love to see you on Friday for some  elf-tatsic litter-picking and to claim your loyalty cards.

Hurrah for Fridays!

Paper Dolls at The Kiosk

The Paper Dolls As well as all the other super holiday things we have planned (don't forget our Playhouse at the Park next Monday, and our 500 words of summer story competition!) we are also taking part in a WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT! It doesn't involve daring deeds or baked beans, instead we are helping to make the worlds' longest paper doll chain! To celebrate the brilliant Paper Dolls book by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb, (if you haven't read it - read it now! It's an amazing book!) publishers Pan Macmillan are organising the record attempt - trying to get a chain of dolls 3km long!

That is 60 lengths of an Olympic swimming pool. Or 270 London buses... and about 11,500 of their paper doll templates!

The paper doll templates are available to download from the website, and you can choose the one to colour in, or the one where you can design your own dolls. You could try superhero dolls, or fairytale-themed dolls, or space man dolls...


And for every paper dolls chain we send in,  Pan Macmillan will donate 10p to Save the Children.

Work started last Monday at our storywriting workshop, and we've got a few templates for you to collect and colour in at the Kiosk. Alternatively, you can download and print the template here. You can send in your entry online, or by post- all the details are on the website. You can also hand in your dolls at the Kiosk and we will send them all off together. We've got a good collection already - but remember that for every set sent in, another 10p is raised for Save the Children - so the more of you that get creative, the more money we can raise for charity!

We have until 31st August 2013 to complete the record - so get colouring and designing, folding and cutting! You can check the doll-o-meter on the website to see how the record attempt is going. If you'd like to hand your dolls in at the Kiosk, please do so by Monday 26th August so we can send them in on time to be part of the 11,500 sets of dolls!

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