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Pimm's O' clock!

The unusual combination of Wimbledon and glorious sunshine (at the same time - almost unheard of!) has signalled that it is well and truly Pimm's season! Keen to make the most of the weather, we've looked into making the perfect Pimm's. Waitrose's recommended recipe for the perfect Pimm's is listed as:

  • 3 parts lemonade to one part Pimm's,
  • 1 slice orange, 1 slice lemon, 2 slices cucumber, 1 sliced strawberry, sprig of mint.

They also say that Pimm's is 'usually credited to James Pimm, a shellfish monger from Kent who opened his famous Pimm's Oyster Bar in London in 1823. Using gin, quinine and his own secret mixture of herbs, Pimm created a drink that he served as an aid to digestion.'

An aid to digestion, eh? Practically medicinal!

If you fancy branching out from the classic Pimm's and lemonade combo, we found this recipe for ginger-ale based Pimm's on a great website: - a collection of beautifully illustrated recipes from around the world. Have a look on their website for other inspiring recipes - there are loads of different ideas - and you can even search by illustration style!


But whichever kind of Pimm's you make, you'll definitely need some fresh mint. If you don't have any growing in the back garden - head to the herb garden on Rothsay Roundabout - the mint there is fresh and free to good homes!  Pick your way to the perfect Pimm's. We love it!


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