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Super Sweet Blogger Award

As you may or may not have noticed, with the notable exception of the Kite Festival Weekend (more to come on that, but generally, wasn't it FAB? It was like being in Spain or something, only with more kites!) the month of May has been something of a cold washout so far. So we were particularly pleased to receive some very heart-warmingly nice news last weekend - that we have been nominated for an award! The fabulous MonsterYarns blog has nominated us for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! Happy times at The Kiosk! Hands up who has ever mentally prepared for an Oscar-style award acceptance speech, complete with fantasy award ceremony dress ideas? Well, it turns out that all that is still on hold, but in the meantime, as per the rules of the award, we must answer some tricky questions. Cookies or Cake? At the risk of offending any of our brilliant suppliers, we are going to vote for CAKE. Sturdy, get-you-through-the-afternoon Victoria Sponge-type of cake.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate. Vanilla has its place, of course, but there is something a bit magical about chocolate.

What is your favourite sweet-treat? It's very hard to beat a Malteser Square. Literally, as well as figuratively. Those things are CONDENSED in a very good way.

When do you crave sweet things the most? Mostly during that pesky 2pm-ish, after-lunch energy dip. Or, scoff-o-clock, as we like to think of it as.

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Er, tricky one. After a bit of deliberation, we're plumping for Bonbon, mostly because we like the way that "the name arose from infantile repetition of the word bon, meaning 'good'. In modern French and several other European languages, the term simply refers to any type of candy or small confection." Thank you wikipedia. The Kiosk:  so good, we say it twice, just to emphasise the point.

Sweet Treats

And now in accordance with the rules, we must nominate 13 other blogs (a baker's dozen, no less!) or at least as many as we can who we think are worthy of a bit of a sweet-treat! Whether or not an actual award does exist for all this sweet blogger malarkey or not is debatable. But it is nevertheless a great opportunity to recommend some of the inspirational, pretty, and downright USEFUL blogs we read and love.

Kitchen Table Sewing, first off, for her endless dedication to the world of good cake and excellent sewing. A must read for anyone attempting any sort of stitching.

StayingAwake for services to coffee-snobbery and all things beautifully-designed.

Great Smitten for beautiful photography and writing

Bedford Network : the best place to get the lowdown on the best places to eat/shop/hangout in Bedford.

Want to know about tea and/or baking? Try reading Steffanie Pomfrett's blog. She knows her special teas...

Brian's Coffee Spot: Brian knows A LOT about coffee.

For fantasy baking, with an American twang, try Just Baked by Me. Foolproof cake recipes . What's not to love?

For the BEST bread recipes we have ever drooled over: The Little Loaf. (Number 22 in the Foodies100 list!)

For gluten/soy/dairy free recipe inspiration, have a nosy at this blog: food that feels good. That's not 13, admittedly. But it is a good place to start if you are looking for something tasty to read. All worthy award nominees! Now, when is this award ceremony then? We've got some party shoes to dust down....

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the window stays open until 5pm

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Mondays: Café opens at 10am

we are open 7 days a week and dogs are welcome on our heated veranda during the winter months

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