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Park People - Jo from Buggy Bootcamp

The Kiosk at the Park is delighted that there is now a Buggy Bootcamp fitness session running (literally!) in Russell Park. Just after Storytime on Mondays -Storytime starts at 9.30, and ends around 10.15 - we welcome Jo from Buggy Bootcamp Bedford to run a class that's based around the idea of a workout with kids! We love it because it means that you don't need an expensive creche or gym - just you, a buggy, and your baby comes along too! AND it's a fresh air, outdoors sort of workout. We asked Jo to write a little bit about the classes and her reasons for getting involved:

Jo from Buggy Bootcamp

After the birth of my son Ollie two years ago, I started exercising with my buggy as soon as that long awaited 6 week check came around. I couldn't run with Ollie as he was too young (the recommended age to start running with baby is 6 months) so I just walked, parked up, ran to and from the buggy, did body-toning exercises with resistance bands and dumbells and just kept repeating it all. I have been a personal trainer for many years so I knew what I was doing. I had searched for an exercise class to do with babies but there was nothing suitable locally. Eventually I came across Buggy Bootcamp ( which was set up by Nicola Ostler in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire about four and a half years ago. It has gone from strength to strength and is now a national franchise with Personal Trainers like myself joining so that they can bring Buggy Bootcamp to their home town.
Buggy Bootcamp is brilliant because it suits mums of all ages and all fitness abilities. Firstly because there is no running with the buggy you don't need an expensive pushchair. The usual format that I use is to park the buggies in a circle initially while we do the warm up. Then depending on what we’re doing that week the buggies may be parked in a line, a semi circle, or a circle or used to do walking leg exercises or parked at various cones where mums will be working - the possibilities are endless and I change things every week. The main part of the class may include some running to and from the buggy ( walking is always given as an option - runners go twice and walkers just once so everyone finishes at the same time) interspersed with either some body weight exercise like squat or sit ups or some resistance band work. Working in this way keeps things interesting!
You can join Buggy Bootcamp as soon as you have had the all-clear from your doctor after the birth of your child (6 weeks for a normal delivery and 12 for a c- section). You can join at any point in the month or term because the classes are different each week; they don't follow a prescribed course. I always give alternatives to make the exercises easier or more difficult so mums with different fitness levels can work alongside each other with no problems. You can join when your  baby is just 6 weeks old or when your child is much older. Having a toddler running around with you just adds to your workout and is no problem because we’re all in the same boat!
Your first class is free so just come and give it ago or just come along and watch. You’ll find us at The Kiosk on a Monday morning at 10.15 am (after 9.30 storytime). From there we will walk to an area in Russell Park where we’ll set up and get going, so if you miss us at The Kiosk at 10.15am we wont be far away. To view a class in action just go to
Buggy Bootcamp

Women and Girls Sport Festival !

If your New Years Resolution to get fit has taken something of a bashing already, how about finding some new ways of exercising and keeping active? Tomorrow, The Bunyan Centre hosts the second annual Women and Girls Sports Festival, aimed at encouraging more women and girls to take up sport, and demonstrating what activities are available locally. It runs from  11.00am until 4.00pm. It's a free event and you are welcome to drop in at any time and stay for as long as you wish to learn about and try a huge range of activities including:


•Wheelchair basketball




•Nordic walking




•Line Dancing

What a brilliant opportunity for girls of all ages to try out some interesting sports and activities. Everyone is welcome, from budding Olympic stars to those of us who last played netball, badly, in 1998. For more infomation and the full programme, read more here

women and girls in sport

Smarties Tubes, Tree Planting and Mountains.

We do so love a fundraising campaign that involves eating...and the very special project we're starting this week at the Kiosk involves eating smarties. Did you know that eating smarties can help plant trees on mountains? No? Well, we did say it was a really special project, not to mention a brilliant idea. We're teaming up with the wonderful people who supply our coffee, Ethical Addictions, to raise money for their indigenous tree planting project. The trees are going to be planted on Africa's tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro, helping to preserve the rainforest and protecting the local environment.

Nursery Trees

This is why Ethical Addictions is a special kind of coffee supplier:

The fundraising we're doing works like this:

Pick up a tube of Smarties from the Kiosk, or go and buy one (the hexagonal kind.)

Eat Smarties.

Fill the empty tube with 20p coins.

Bring the stash of 20ps in the tube to the Kiosk over the Easter weekend, and we will donate the money to Ethical Addictions Coffee.

EA Coffee will use the money to plant trees on a mountain!

smarties blog

You can read more about EA Coffee's environmental work here, and you can see a video of their tree planting project, which has been running from 2010, here.

Excitingly, once the trees have been planted, you'll be sent a GPS reference for the tree that has been planted with the donations you made! That's definitely worth saving up those 20ps for. You can get 60 20ps into a smarties tube: which is £12. Just £10 will pay for your tree to be planted. Well worth the saving/hunting behind sofas/pestering Dad...

 Kiosk 1

Carols at The Kiosk

It is very, very, VERY nearly Christmas! We're holding a Christmas celebration here in the park on Christmas Eve, so that we can celebrate with the wonderful Kiosk community. Christmas at the Kiosk

So on Christmas Eve afternoon,  put down your wrapping paper, sellotape and those last Christmas cards, and head to Russell park for 4pm to join us with a mulled wine, hot chocolate, mince pie and a bit of carol singing.

There will be an opportunity here for a bit of festive dressing up. Perhaps you never got to be an angel in the school nativity play, and have a pair of tinsel-trimmed wings you're itching to wear? Or a teatowel that you think might look particularly fetching over your head, shepherd-style? Or was your child disappointed not to be Mary, again? If you've got a blue dress, you know what to do ! We're actively encouraging dressing up for Christmas Eve - perhaps a impromptu nativity scene will appear in Russell Park! Snowflakes, stars, Christmas fairies, reindeer and donkeys are all suggested outfits too! There will be free glow sticks for the kids, and if grown ups could bring head torches, lanterns or candles, then we can celebrate Christmas Eve in style by candlelight/torchlight!

It's been a great year in the park, with hedgehogs, Halloween, Thanksgiving, cookies and coffee. We'd love to see you there to wish you a very happy Christmas! We'll leave you with a few costume ideas, in case you need some inspiration...

festive fancy dress 4

festive fancy dress1

Festive fancy dressing up2

festyive fancy dress 3

And from all the team at the Kiosk - a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Owls at The Kiosk!

Tomorrow  at 10am, we welcome Ian from Forest Owl Forest School to The Kiosk at The Park! To get you in the mood, he's sent us a few owl-facts (via owl-post, obviously). Did you know that there are over 200 different species of Owls? (Wow!)

These include the rather festive sounding Cinnamon Screech Owl,


The magnificent Snowy Owl:

Snowy Owl

And the teeny tiny Elf Owl!


There are loads more owls, which you can look up here. We'd love to know what your favourite owl is! (We love the sound of an elf owl, although presumably they are busy this time of year, what with all that wrapping and packing of presents for Father Chrsitmas!)  Whichever one you like the sound of best, why not join us tomorrow at the Kiosk when we welcome Ian from Forest Owl Forest School - you can even make your very own toilet roll owl or even a festive toilet roll Robin.

Come along from 10am and bring some toilet roll inners (don't worry if you can't find any we will have some spares) and Ian from Forest Owl will show you how to make either an Owl or a festive Robin just like these handsome chaps:

 Owl toilet roll 1


Forest Owl, Forest School is a new Bedford based organisation that will be offering, alongside their work teaching curriculum based lessons at schools across Bedfordshire, some exciting birthday party ideas and curriculum based “subject booster” Saturday clubs from their new woodland base in Bromham starting in January 2014.

Forest Owl

For more information and for some great fun forest based ideas follow Forest Owl on Facebook here.

See you there! Milk, biscuits, Christmas snacks and more will be on sale as usual for hungry crafters and their owls!  We'll have special themed cupcakes and mulled wine  as well as some very yummy gluten-free mince pies.  Last but not least we are also launching the latest deliciousness from Malmesbury Syrups 'Bah Humbug' - deliciously minty in a hot chocolate or latte!

New - Bah Humbug Syrup

500 days of Summer: The Winners!

Well, they do say that good things come to those who wait... Summer seems a very, VERY long time ago now that it's getting colder, but we're going to take this opportunity to remind you of the very lovely summer of 2013 by (finally) announcing the winners of our 500 words of Summer story competition. Congratulations to:

Mia Collacott for her story 'The Tigers' Argument'.

Freddie Jordan for his story 'The Seal with No Home'

Martin Lindill for his story, which didn't have a title, but we'd like to call it 'The Treaty of the Apple.'

There is also a prize for the story Great Grandmother and the Magic Milkshake' - a joint effort by Charlotte Gorringe-Serrano and Scarlett Gavi-Gorringe.


The judges, chaired by Alex Levine, of The Place Theatre were really impressed with the standard of the entries, and had a hard time picking the eventual winners.  The stories are all brilliant, and we'll be celebrating with a special afternoon tea, where the winners will receive their signed books by local author Julia Jarman, and goody bags. 


We're going to compile a special book of stories to keep at the Kiosk - which all the entries we had will be included in. Anyone else who wants to contribute a 500-word(ish) story is welcome to - and you've got the rest of November to write one. So if all the fireworks have inspired your creativity, or of you fancy writing a Christmas story of your own - why not bring one down to The Kiosk at the Park? We'll put it in our book! Illustrations very welcome too!

And yes, it is getting colder. But one of these marshmallow hot chocolate mountains might be enough to lure you out to submit a work of literary genius...

hot choc mountain

Halloween at The Kiosk

If you are in the mood for some spooky fun on Halloween (and let's face it, Halloween is the perfect time for spooky fun,) then look no further than the Kiosk, where the Circus of Illustration are hosting a spooky spectacular! Do go and check out the Circus of illustration's website - they are a friendly and extremely talented bunch of Bedford illustrators. The only people ever - probably - to have designed and made an illustrated fold-out doll of the Mayor of Bedford. (With or without beard.) Halloween

Off trick or treating? The Kiosk is the perfect place to stop off at on the way! We've got a fancy dress competition, AND a prize for the best-in-show pumpkin. There's also a spooky puppet workshop and scary facepainting.  And of course we do have our own rather marvellous range of treats: giant cookies, cupcakes, malteser squares, hot chocolate to warm your ghostly hands. What with that, plus The Circus of Illustration, who have plenty of tricks up their sleeves... we've got Halloween covered!

If you need a bit of home-made costume inspiration, why not try the suggestions here?


And if you are hosting a ghoulish party of your own - be sure to check out one of our favourite bloggers' guides to Halloween fun. Single Slummy Mummy's blog of ghostly wisdom can be read here.

Last year the Circus hosted a spooky Drink and Draw session at The Kiosk. Here are a few artistic highlights...

pumpkin3 Pumpkin Pumpkin2 lantern 1





Bedford Film Festival - Supporting Film Variety

More exciting news on the 'interesting things to do at the weekend in Bedford' front! Did you know that Bedford now has its very own FILM FESTIVAL? And it is taking place from 27th-29th September - that's right - this weekend! This exciting proposition was dreamed up just a couple of months ago by a small group of friends who wanted a bit more variety in the range of films being shown in Bedford. Cineworld is great, and all, but national chain multiplexes don't always scream 'variety'. Film festival founding member Paul says: "The ethos behind Bedford Film Festival is variety. We didn’t want to focus on one genre or subject because variety is after all what makes Bedford great... Documentaries aboutHip Hop, Snow Boarding, Adam Ant’s battle with depression, and legendary recording studios, help give us a reality check with uplifting and inspiring true stories before we escape into feature films from Britain, Cuba and the US."

As well as the films themselves (full programme here) the team have also organised workshops and talks, including a visit from Martin Stellman, writer of Quadrophenia, talking about the classic film and its legacy. There are lots of opportunities for film students to learn skills such as lighting a set, or make up for films. These workshops will be run by industry experts and exclusive to Bedford Film Festival - an opportunity not to be missed!

Kiosk at the Park had a good nosey around the programme for the weekend, and we've decided that our must-see-three are:

Wayland's Song - a film shot in Bedford! This is exciting on many levels, but playing spot-the-location is going to be particulaly fun! There is also the fact that this is directed by one of the founding members of Bedford Film Festival, Richard Jobson.

For the kids: Turbo - the story of a speed-freak snail who likes to live life in the fast lane! This is being shown 3 weeks ahead of its general release - so you'll need to get in the fast lane yourself to see it - tickets are selling quickly! It's being shown at 1pm on Saturday 28th at The Higgins. Book tickets online here.


For the bigger kids, we love the look of Dead Cat, a film about childhood sweethearts reunited in their 30s and trying to figure out whether it is love, or merely nostalgia. Described as:

"Directed by Stefan Georgiou and starring Sebastian Armesto (both hotly tipped in Screen International’s Star of Tomorrow 2011), Dead Cat is a winsome, entertaining take on contemporary relationships, and a breezy shot in the arm for British comedy."

Dead Cat

But to be honest, they all look good. And this is a rare opportunity to see a wonderful variety of films in great local locations. Hurrah for Bedford Fim Festival!

If you'd like to get into the spirit by purchasing some popcorn, don't forget we sell Portlebay Popcorn in a variety of delicious flavours here at the Kiosk! Pop down and get some ready for the weekend...

One of those simple things in life that just seems to make you smile!

Hedgehog Art

It's been a few weeks since our sunny day of hedgehog creation in the park.  We thought that you might like to see the winning entries, chosen by illustrator Katy Dynes from a huge selection of inspired designs. Katy told us that it was 'really hard to choose - so many of the hedgehogs were amazing and showed so much imagination!' Russell the Hedgehog by Sarah

Russell the Hedgehog by Ella R.

Russell the Hedgehog by Ella

Russell the Hedgehog by Fenya

Russell the Hedgehog by Harry

Russell the Hedgehog by Isabelle

Russell the Hedgehog by Olivia

Russell the Hedgehog by Polly

As you can see we have a huge range of Russell designs, from the natural look - leaves and pinecones, to soft pink with a yellow nose; there are floral patterns and pom-pom accessories, plus the addition of a surfboard in one.  All of the ones that we picked showed a great deal of personality - essential for a cheeky hedgehog living near the Kiosk.  Katy took elements of all these winning designs for her final  soft toy of the Kiosk mascot Russell - to be unveiled VERY SOON! Much excitement! We've got some fab interviews with some of the winning artists coming up on the blog, as well as, obviously, the first photos of our very own mascot Russell. Paparazzi moment!

If you would like to collect your work of Russell-Art - perhaps to hang above your mantelpiece, they are all available for collection from the Kiosk. Thank you all for your imaginative entries.

Did you know that we are starting an e-newsletter to keep you in the loop about all the activities we run, and what exciting events are coming up? If you'd like to receive it, please email with your details.

OXJAM at The Kiosk!

Sunday is going to be really special this week, because this Sunday we host OXJAM at the Kiosk! YEAH! Live music, a photo competition and face painting, all going towards raising money for a fantastic cause. And sunshine is promised too, just to make it tip-top and extra special. Image

We chatted to Oxjam's lovely Clare Sullivan about all things Oxjammy:

So. What is Oxjam?

Oxjam is a programme of events nationally, throughout October, all raising money for Oxfam. Since the first event in 2006, Oxjam has raised over £1.5m for Oxfam’s life-saving emergency responses and life-changing development work. That’s enough money to buy 13,000 emergency shelters, 60,000 goats or 900 classrooms.

Who are Oxjam Bedford?

Oxjam Bedford are a team of unpaid volunteers, working hard to bring some fantastic events to Bedford, whilst raising money for Oxfam.

What’s going on at Oxjam At The Kiosk?

12pm - 12.30pm: Mat Roberts leads a live jam session 12.30pm - 1pm: The Frogs' Chorus (children’s music, songs and dancing) 1pm - 1.30pm: Oh My (close harmony acoustic duo) 1.30pm - 2pm: Sean Morris (Americana acoustic) 2pm - 2.30pm: Liam Burke (English anti-folk) 2.30pm - 3pm: Kam Singh (acoustic balladry and winner of 2013 Bedford Battle of the Bands) 3pm - 3.30pm: Andrew R Hubbard of The Shtooks (popular acoustic covers and originals) 3.30pm - 4pm: Cicero Buck (everyone’s favourite Acoustic Rock/Folk/Pop/Blues duo, one half of whom co-wrote the smash hit ‘No More I Love Yous’)

There'll also be a tip-top tombola, games, face painting, as well as all the usual Kiosk fun including table tennis and mini golf.

Everyone is welcome to join the live jam session but please note that the event is completely unamplified so if you play electric bass, please bring a small amp and we can provide the power!

Clare said "We're delighted to be coming back to the Kiosk - we had a great time last year and hope for an even better day this year!"

We'll be running a photo competition on the day, so if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning a delicious hamper of Kiosk goodies, bring your camera/phone down on Sunday and get snapping! The prize goes to the photo we think best sums up the day.

The event is free to attend but all donations will be very welcome and will support Oxfam's life-saving emergency responses and life-changing development work.

On the day there'll be a chance to enter the Oxjam raffle - the prize being £1,000 in cash! Well worth a ticket or two...

OK, I’m in, what about other Oxjam stuff….. What’s this ‘Oxjam Bedford Takeover’?

The highlight of the Oxjam Bedford events programme is the Oxjam Bedford Takeover, ‘taking over’ Bedford’s best live music venues on Saturday 19 October. The Takeover is a one-day multi-venue music festival, featuring the best of Bedford’s local music talent. One wristband will give you access to the Takeover venues, featuring over 60 great bands, performers, and DJs, all coming together to support one fantastic cause.

Who is playing the Oxjam Bedford Takeover?

You can catch The Scruff, The Jebs, The Bedford Arts Choir, Midnight Taxi, Danni Nicholls, Buzzard Lope, Sunsinger, Jonny Mudd, Tucky Tulloch, Sean Morris, Liam Burke, The Doghouse Roses, Near Moments, Healyum, The Metatrons, Kinkaid, Credit to the Nation, Kerry-Jo Hodgkin, Paul Hegley Band, Cicero Buck, Frogs Chorus, Electric Uke Orchestra, Robed In Desire, Council Tax Band and many more!

Sounds good – where can I get tickets?

Tickets are on sale now for the advance price of £8 at Danny’s Bar (Esquires), Luscious Juice Bar, The Cheese Kitchen, The Bear, The Bedford Arms, Kiosk At The Park and The Music Centre. You can also buy online – go to for more information.

How else could I get involved?

  • Performers – we’ve been overwhelmed with performer requests this year and are currently at capacity for performers. However, things can and no doubt will change in terms of the line-up so if you’d like to be considered for a slot, please email Clare Sullivan at
  • Volunteers – we’d love to hear from brilliant bucket shakers, and magnificent marketers, as well as anyone with any sound or live music production.
  • Sponsors – a range of great value sponsorship packages are available to local businesses who’d like to support a great event and a trusted charity brand. Email for more information.

Thank you Clare! A combination of live music, Kiosk snacks, sunshine and tombola-ing is music to our ears!

Last years' winning Oxjam photo by Gemma Rogers

A festival of Hedgehogs!

Did you know that the collective noun for hedgehogs is 'a prickle of hedgehogs' ? Neither did we!  If you want to look up more delightful collective nouns for animals, take a peek at this list. We especially love 'a sleuth of bears' and 'an ambush of tigers' . Anyway, last Wednesday, a rather large prickle of hedgehogs started to appear on the grass by The Kiosk - all designed by local Kiosk Kids. Part of our Hedgehog Mania event was the task we set children to design Russell the hedgehog, which could be made into a soft toy mascot for The Kiosk by local illustrator and designer Katy Dynes. Never ones to shirk from a good designing task, the kids unleashed their creative sides and this rather good-looking prickle of hedgehogs appeared:

What a good looking bunch!

Katy offers some design advice


Everyone did really well, and we were amazed to see the creativity of the Kiosk Kids - no two Russells were the same - we had multi-coloured ones, collage hedgehogs, Russells with acorns and leaves and pinecones, fluffy pom-pom noses, hedgehogs on surfboards, pink hedgehogs, green ones...

Katy and Jo, who organised the craft activities, are currently looking at a selection of the entries, which Katy will then use to create the final mascot. Well done to everyone who contributed - Russell will be a really special hedgehog, made up of your ideas!

As well as the craft, we also had a VIP guest - Honey the African Pygmy Hedgehog! She was visiting us with the team from Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital. who talked to everybody about hedgehogs and how we can help them. Honey was a bit of a hit to be honest. We fully expect that diva-like behaviour may follow very soon.

Honey the Hedgehog wows the crowds

We were then treated to a really special storytime with Jane Lambourne from Wassledine. Jane is a storyteller who creates tales that are based on the nature around us. She also carries and exciting trunk of fairytale objects - including the apple that poisoned Snow White; the children were completely spellbound, we have it on good authority that several of them are still speaking in hushed tones about the glass slipper they saw and the hedgehog adventures...

As well as all of this, we had (hedgehog) biscuit decoration, guess the weight of the (hedgehog) cake, and some really rather fabulous face-painting thanks to local students Sophie and Millie. We raised money for the Hedgehog Hospital, and had a brilliant time while we were at it. What a great morning. Watch this (hedgehog shaped) space for the first glimpse of new-look Russell, created by you, coming soon!

It was all summed up very nicely by a lovely customer who left this feedback on our facebook page:

"My girls had a fab time at the hedgehog activity today, my folks took them and raved about it. The lady who ran it -Katie- was fab and really great with the kids and Emma thought it was so cute the way Honey kept trying to hide in the ladies' cardigan! My girls came back very happy and with beautifully painted faces - thank you!"

This kind of event really emphasises how it is you - the local community - who make The Kiosk a really special place to come. Thank you for your support and your enthusiasm. Thank you for bringing your imaginative children along to take part in our events and to enjoy them! Massive thank-yous also go to Jane from Wassledine who generously gave us her time, to the team from Shepreth, to Karen Bland for her incredible hedgehog cake and to Jo Midgely and Katy Dynes for their work organsing the event and help with the craft.

Decorate a biscuit...

Guess the weight of the hedgehog cake

Hedghog face paint

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